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Thanks so much for visiting!  Is nature journaling for you?  I happen to think so, because you're here, reading these words.  I hope these pages will inspire and help you start or continue on your own journey, in whatever form your journal takes.  

If you are new to nature journaling, you might want want to start with RESOURCES and explore materials, how to start, or inspiration.  You don't have to be an artist or a writer, you just have to BEGIN.  We can learn drawing and writing skills along the way.  

If you're home-schooling, nature journaling is an awesome way to explore problem-solving across the disciplines of art, language, history, culture, math and science.  I created free coloring pages (and more) to help start or add to the process.

Explore, enjoy, and slow down to observe and connect

with the parts of nature that call to your heart.

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A Nature Art Journal


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